New Clamping Chuck Offered With Workholding System

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A new ASM 90 quick-change clamping chuck that combines all of the features of the KPT/Unilock clamping system in a new compact design is now available. While only 90 mm in diameter, the chuck accepts the same clamping knob as chucks twice its size. It is useful for smaller machines with limited travel range. Compatibility and rigidity are achieved, says the company, by using the same clamping knob and ram system as larger chucks. The system standard 40 mm clamping knob can be attached directly to workpieces or fixtures with up to a 12 mm thread. The easily mounted clamping knob is said to provide accuracy and rigidity. The chuck is suited for quick and accurate changeover in limited space environments, according to the company. It is also useful in a setup where each chuck positions or stabilizes a portion of a large part. In multiple chuck applications, the spacing and total number of chucks determines the rigidity of the quick-change clamping system. The spring-based mechanical clamping system of the chuck supports an air boost system to increase clamping force by up to 30 percent over spring retention alone, the company says. This increased clamping force remains even after the air source is disconnected. A workholding system that eliminates costly fixturing setup time, the system combines a chuck with a pallet that holds the workpiece. The chucks deliver 0.0002" repeatable positioning accuracy. Retention forces with M10 retention threads start at 7,868 foot-pounds per chuck. The workholding system, according to the company, provides a solution for two of the manufacturing industry's setup problems: repeatability of location from one workpiece blank to another and transfer of work from one machine tool to another. It is said to enhance accuracy and provide quality by eliminating inconsistency of workpiece loading and unloading. A workpiece reference location need only be established once. Alignments for the chuck are established from its centerline, and that data can be captured electronically and kept in the machine's CNC program. Work can then be moved from a turning center to a grinder or from a machining center to a CMM without having to relocate the reference point. The system uses palletization to help manufacturers standardize the workholding process, the company says. The modularity of the system adapts to workpieces of virtually any shape or size. Zero point clamping chucks are available in different configurations for indexing, precision locator bores, custom fixturing, grid plate fixturing, manual activation, peripheral clearance and machine table mounting. Standard pallets are offered in steel and aluminum.

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