New Metal Materials Suited for Additive Manufacturing

EOS has expanded its materials portfolio to include two new metal alloys.

New Product From: 5/1/2014 Additive Manufacturing,

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EOS has expanded its materials portfolio to include two new metal alloys: EOS Titanium Ti64ELI and EOS StainlessSteel 316L.

EOS Titanium Ti64ELI is a light metal alloy that is corrosion-resistant and biocompatible, making it particularly suited for the manufacture of medical implants. EOS StainlessSteel 316L also is corrosion-resistant, biocompatible and well-suited for use in the medical industry, but it also can be used in the manufacture of watches, jewelry and eyeglass frames, and in the aerospace industry. Parts manufactured from this stainless alloy can be mechanically post-processed or polished.

EOS’ metal materials portfolio also includes EOS NickelAlloy HX, a heat- and corrosion-resistant nickel-chrome-iron-molybdenum alloy that offers high strength and resistance to oxidization, even at temperatures as high as 1,200°C. It typically is processed with a layer thickness of 20 microns.

All three EOS materials have been optimized for processing on the EOSINT M 280 system.

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