New Version Of CAM Software Features Three-Axis Enhancements

New Product From: 4/26/2007 Modern Machine Shop
Available later this year from Gibbs and Associates, GibbsCAM 2008 will include a suite of three-axis enhancements designed to generate tool paths with no gouging, no vertical-wall sensitivity and minimal retracts and extra entries/exits. To minimize air cutting and reduce cycle times, the new three-axis functionality will provide capability for 3D rest milling, which focuses machining on material left over from previous operations. In addition, multiple containment and avoidance areas allow precise toolpath control, the company says. For high speed machining, users can ensure that tool paths generated by the three-axis functionality have no sharp corners. Other machining techniques consider the slope of the workpiece’s surfaces to provide a tool path with a true, constant stepover. According to the company, this can reduce tool wear and cutting time while improving surface finish.
SmartCAM features New Mill/Turn Sub-Spindle and B-axis Support, Morph Pattern Roughing.
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