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PUBLISHED: 6/23/2017

Brass Coating Protects Carbide EDM Parts from Oxidation

Seibu’s EL coating, available from KGK International, protects carbide parts, resulting in longer tool life and more parts produced.

PUBLISHED: 6/23/2017

Linear Motor Ensures Smooth Axis Movement for Tool Grinders

ANCA Motion’s LinX linear motor technology is designed to provide manufacturers the toolmaking capability to produce highly polished flutes and gash surfaces to improve chip evacuation and aid tool performance.

PUBLISHED: 6/22/2017

Wire EDM Series Features Two Options for Surface Roughness

Global EDM Inc. introduces the Excetek VGPlus series of wire EDMs.

PUBLISHED: 6/21/2017

Die-Sinking EDM Features Low Energy Consumption

Available from GF Machining Solutions, the AgiesCharmilles Form 20 EDM features Intelligent Power Generator (IPG) technology that gives it low energy consumption levels (3.7 kW/hr. at full power).

PUBLISHED: 6/20/2017

Six-Axis EDM Drill Also Mills 3D Shapes

EDM Network offers Chmer EDM’s six-axis AD5L EDM Drill/Mill, a high-speed EDM drilling machine that can also mill 3D diffuser shapes required for air cooling in jet engines and industrial gas turbine generators.

PUBLISHED: 6/19/2017

Manufacturing Data Gathering, Contextualizing Software

System Insights has launched Vimana Enrich, a software solution that simplifies the capture and integration of relevant data from the shop floor and business systems and adds context to the manufacturing process without increasing time and cost for ...

PUBLISHED: 6/16/2017

CAM Simulation Software Speeds Turning-to-Milling Turnaround

Spring Technologies offers the latest version (2017) of its flagship software NCSIMUL Solutions and the NCSIMUL 4CAM add-on module.

PUBLISHED: 6/15/2017

Platform as a Service Bundles IoT Services for Manufacturers

Siemens has made an initial release of its MindSphere – Siemens Cloud for Industry, a key element of the company’s Digital Enterprise software suite.

PUBLISHED: 6/14/2017

CAM Software Offers Chip Break Settings for Machining Stringy Metals

CNC Software Inc.’s Mastercam 2018 offers several new features and improvements.

PUBLISHED: 6/13/2017

Machine Software Speeds 3D Contouring

Makino introduces SGI.5, the latest version of its Super Geometric Intelligence software for high-feed-rate, tight-tolerance machining of complex, three-dimensional contoured shapes.

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