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PUBLISHED: 9/4/2017

Grinding Fluid Lasts Years without Regeneration, Exchange

Gear Expo 2017: Oelheld will feature its DiaGrind 535-15 high-speed grinding fluid, a blend of additives and base oils designed to go years without requiring regeneration or complete exchange.

PUBLISHED: 9/1/2017

Grinding Machine Magazines Hold 70 Grinding Wheels

Haas Multigrind’s CB grinding machine can be equipped with a new high-capacity 2,000 × 2,400 × 3,200-mm shelf magazine.

PUBLISHED: 9/1/2017

CAD/CAM Data Exchange Translator Supports Mainstream File Formats

ZW3D has upgraded the product development features of its ZW3D 2017 CAD/CAM software.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2017

Collaborative Robots Load, Unload Machines Without Need for Barriers

Westec 2017: FANUC America will demonstrate machine load/unload with its CR-7iA table-top size collaborative robot equipped with iRVision.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2017

CNC Provides High-Speed Machining with Accurate Surface Finishes

Westec 2017: The Fagor 8065 CNC is designed for high-performance applications and equipped with features for high-speed machining while maintaining accuracy and surface finish.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2017

Milling Inserts Increase Machining Stability, Chip Evacuation

Tungaloy is expanding its DoTriple-Mill series to include pressed-to-size inserts in Class M dimensional tolerance.

PUBLISHED: 8/31/2017

System Filters Ultrafine Particles from Oil

EMO 2017: Vomat will feature its micro-filtration systems, which are designed for filtering ultrafine particles from oil used in processes including grinding, honing, lapping and erosion.

PUBLISHED: 8/30/2017

LED Light Can Be Adjusted to Focus Where Needed

Westec 2017: Waldmann is featuring its Rocia Focus LED machine.

PUBLISHED: 8/30/2017

Modular Heads Added to End Mill System

The latest addition to Tungaloy’s TungMeister changeable-head end mill system is a line of modular heads for TungForce-Rec, the indexable miniature shoulder-milling cutter series.

PUBLISHED: 8/30/2017

Metal Deposition Equipment Precisely Applies Material

Through an electronic-spark deposition process, the Rocklinizer Model 950 deposits materials including Titanium Carbide, Tungsten Carbide, and Rockhard electrodes.

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