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Tramp Oil Separator Decreases Hazardous Waste Volumes

PRAB’s tramp oil separator removes free-floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils from coolant and wash water using gravity flow and coalescence.

Vise Jaw System Holds Irregular Workpieces

The VersaGrip vise jaw system from Mitee-Bite is designed to offer the versatility of clamping standard vise work as well as workpieces that would normally require fixturing or machining soft jaws.

Small Inserts Reduce Cost

Iscar’s Flashturn Eco line includes small-sized Isoturn inserts said to provide decreased cost per cutting edge.

Rotary Encoder Provides Diagnostics

Available from Heidenhain, Leine & Linde’s Model 862 rotary encoder with Profibus DP supports condition monitoring systems for use in the steel, wind power and other industries.

Coolant-Fed Drills Prevent Damage

Cobra Carbide offers its Blackmamba series of coolant-fed drills designed to eject chips and remove them from the cutting zone while drilling deep holes, preventing damage to the tool and workpiece.

Automatic Toolchanger Features a Drum-Style Magazine

Indexing Technologies offers its CTM automatic toolchangers in four standard frame sizes: the CTM 20, CTM 30, CTM 40 and CTM 50 models.

Waterjet Cutting System Runs on Household Electric

Jet Edge’s Tach-Jet waterjet cutting system is capable of cutting workpieces from virtually any material while leaving a clean edge free of slag, the company says.

Pull-Type Vise Minimizes Jaw Deflection

Kurt Workholding’s HD690 pull-type vise features a 9" jaw opening for clamping larger workpieces with minimal stationary jaw deflection.

Fluid-Management Systems Maximize Recycling Potential

CRS fluid-recycling systems from Eriez are self-contained coolant- and fluid-management systems capable of recycling water-miscible fluids to maximum potential.

Machining Units Accommodate Bulky Workpieces

Suhner offers single-tool Multi-Master flex shaft machining units that can be positioned in any direction around a workpiece.

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