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System Provides Solutions with Application Assistance, Process Development

Weiler introduces Weiler Process Solutions (WPS) to customers in the automotive, aerospace, medical device, firearms manufacturing and general machining fields.

HMC Performs Gear Skiving for Mass Production

Toyoda’s GS300H5 gear skiving center equips a skiving function on a general-purpose HMC, enabling mass production of gear parts.

Vertical Lift Module Provides Picking System

The Modula OnePick is a vertical lift module featuring a precise picking system.

Rigging Kit Utilizes Compressed Air

AeroGo’s compact and flexible air caster rigging kit uses compressed air to move heavy, awkward or delicate loads.

Machining Centers Feature High-Speed, High-Torque Spindles

At Yamazen’s booth, Brother International will present the Speedio machining center product line, including the Flex-S robotic cell by Nachi, made for Speedio models s300, s500 and s700.

Turn-Mill Performs Six-Sided Machining without Interruption

Bumotec’s s191FTLR seven-axis turn-mill from Starrag is designed to start with a plain bar and finish parts such as aircraft pinion regulators complete in a single setup.

Tools Designed for Okuma Machining Centers

Velocity Products, a division of Morris Group, introduces its Velocity Smart Tool line of cutting tools designed, tuned and optimized for Okuma machining centers using Okuma OSP-P control.

Dual Machining Zones Improve Lathe Accuracy

The Tongtai MT series of lathes, available from Absolute Machine Tools, was developed to improve cycle times and turning processes for the automotive industry and is suitable for precision turning, high-production volume, automatic production and in...

Taps Designed for Various Materials

YMW Taps USA introduces the Z-Pro line of economical, high-performance taps.

Gear Grinding Machine Grinds without Coolant

Star SU offers the Samputensili SG 160 Sky Grind dry-grinding machine designed to grind gears without using coolant.

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