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Stratasys Expands Ultem 1010 Resin Compatibility

The company now offers the thermoplastic for two additional machines in its line of FDM 3D printers.

Fast Delivery for Application-Specific Swiss-type Inserts

GenSwiss now offers delivery times of less than three weeks for application-specific Utilis inserts used with Utilis thread whirling rings and attachments in Swiss-type machines.

Die/Mold Polishing Compound Increases Productivity

Engis’s Hyprez SC diamond polishing compound for die/mold polishing is designed to increase removal rates on die/mold steels without sacrifice of finishes.

Hybrid Machining Center Intersperses Milling with Growing Parts

DMG MORI’s Lasertec 4300 3D hybrid machine incorporates additive-directed energy deposition (blown powder) into a five-axis turn-mill machining center with a working area of 600 × 1,500 mm.

Multi-Axis Rotary Tables Enable Hundreds of Configurations

The Swiss-manufactured pL Lehmann 500 series of modular multi-axis rotary tables, now available from Exsys Tool, enables users to upgrade a vertical machining center to increase productivity.

Turning Center Performs Hard Turning, Grinding in Single Clamping

Emag’s VTC 100 GT hard turning center is said to integrate all hard processes, including turning and grinding (aluminum oxide or cubic boron nitride), in a single machine where they can be changed flexibly to suit production of different types of sh...

Dual, Linked Five-Axis Mills Efficiently Cut Composites

The Bertsche Dual P5 mill comprises two independent, but linked, five-axis machining modules (A side and B side), each with separate machining chambers, enabling shops to machine two different parts at the same time while taking up the same overall ...

Clamping System Can Adjust in 0.030" Increments

Colliflower LLC’s Set-Up Stick is a clamping system comprised of a “stick,” a “stop” and a “tippy clamp” that together produce a strong forward and downward grip onto as little as 0.050".

Mini Edge Clamps Enable Jaw Placement with Spacers

Carr Lane Manufacturing’s Tiny Vise edge clamps are designed to offer strong, expandable clamping action in a small size.

Band Saw’s Diamond Blade Accurately Cuts Brittle Materials

The DoAll 2613-D36 vertical band saw is designed to cut brittle or dusty materials whose dust is highly abrasive or flammable.

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