Non-Contact Measurement Of All Cutting Tools

New Product From: 8/8/2005 Modern Machine Shop

The genius 3 from Zoller Inc. has been developed for micro tools and is equipped with CNC-driven, automatic measuring and the Numrotoplus interface.


The company has added cutting edge preparation for its inspection machine product line. With this touch-less procedure, the complete cutting edge for drills and milling cutters can be analyzed. In addition to the visual representation with 200- or an optional 500-fold magnification for defining images, this feature accomplishes segmental calculation for the existing contour and width.


Even though the machine includes automatic measuring procedures in the standard software, it now features enhancements to further simplify operation. With the company’s software assistant, operators can create fully-automatic measuring procedures without training. The operating screen is thus adapted to the mode of operation of controls and programming systems for grinding and sharpening machines. According to the company, the software provides an opportunity to output created data into different interfaces.


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