Octagon Cutters Available In Five Geometries

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The F4080 is the latest addition to Walter’s Xtra-tec portfolio. Available in both coarse and close pitch, the tool has octagonal inserts and setting angle of kappa=43 degrees. It features one insert size for all tool diameters of 2" to 6" (50 to 170 mm) and adapts to individual requirements. Insert grades for cast iron, steel and aluminum are available, including the PVD-Tiger-tec cutting tool materials WSP45 and WSM35 for high-alloyed stainless steels and difficult-to-cut workpiece materials.


Five geometries are available, ranging from “strong” (for unfavorable cutting conditions) to “sharp” (for aluminum materials) in addition to precision-sintered and high-precision, circumference-ground insert versions. The tools feature a nickel-plated and constructively balanced body to reduce vibration on the machine spindle. This is useful for high speed aluminum machining, the company says. The tools can be used for virtually all machining operations, including face milling, circular interpolation, ramping and pocketing.

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