Oil Mist Filters

The Nederman Mist (NOM) filters are designed for capture and control of oil mist. The company says they will stop slippery floors and protect equipment. The filters are available in various capacities and configurations for application to CNC machines and areas where coolant and oil mist problems arise. The company says the filtration method incorporates filter media providing high filtration efficiency with low overall cost of operation. This oil mist filter that guarantees >99.97 percent filtration efficiency for oil mist. To ensure that oil mist does not destroy electrical equipment and coat floors, the filter draws contaminated air into its lower chamber and separates large oil drops. Next, a pre-filter separates most of the large particles, handling large amounts of emulsion. All filters are available with a HEPA filter that meets governmental and regulatory standards for oil mist filtration. Once completely filtered, the oil is drained back to a collecting tank or to the machine.

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