PartMaker Modeling Functionality Added to PartMaker 2012

The PartMaker division of Delcam Plc. offers PartMaker Modeling, a new functionality in PartMaker 2012.

New Product From: 5/1/2012 Modern Machine Shop
Originally titled 'Modeling Functionality Enhances Software'

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The PartMaker division of Delcam Plc. offers PartMaker Modeling, a new functionality in PartMaker 2012. The 3D design tool enables manufacturers to create, repair and modify 3D CAD data of virtually any origin or quality and make solid models for machining, CNC programming and 3D simulation, the company says. The hybrid modeler works with surfaces and Parasolid to provide high-quality solid models for multiple levels of the supply chain.
The design tool is based on Delcam’s PowerShape 3D design package and is said to ease data repair, 3D modeling and direct modeling of dumb solid models. According to the company, seamless integration with PartMaker 2012 enables users to cut and paste 3D models between the applications.
In addition to modeling functionality, PartMaker 2012 includes improved visualization; more-powerful simulation of VMCs and HMCs; support for multi-axis bar-fed mills, turn-mills and Swiss-type lathes; increased flexibility and process-development control; and more.
A 3D surfacing strategy enhancement to the Surface Machining Wizard (SMW) module enables users to perform 3D surface machining using cylindrical interpolation. The rotary machining functionality creates more complicated features for complex parts made on four-axis mills, turn-mills and Swiss-type lathes.

The software also offers simulation of Swiss-type lathes equipped with a programmable B axis on a gang slide; full machine simulation for milling; setup assemblies for milling; multiple process drag-and-drop selection; enhanced toolpath visualization and control; and additional productivity enhancements. 

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