Platform Centralizes Plant Monitoring Software Control

RedViking presents the Argonaut manufacturing performance platform.

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RedViking presents the Argonaut manufacturing performance platform. Unlike traditional MES systems, the company says, the Argonaut platform enables manufacturers to purchase only the digital manufacturing apps they need, deploy them to specific locations and then manage them from a central location. This software and application suite has numerous benefits for the small and mid-size members of the supply chain in various industrial manufacturing sectors, including automotive, off-highway and others.

The manufacturing performance platform is secure and affordable, as there is centralized control of the app deployment with SSL encryption. Apps can easily be added, updated and removed in addition to being deployed on-site or from a cloud-based server. Argonaut is centrally controlled, rolling out updated deployments to reduce downtime.

The manufacturing performance platform contains core software to support apps such as scheduling, user configuration definition, production models, device management and reporting framework. Additional features include the IIoT Gateway, Lineage, Watchtower, Pack Out, Landfall and Scroll. The IIoT Gateway enables PLC data to be broadcast to subscribers for interpretation and analysis. Lineage is a tracking and traceability system, and Watchtower is a factory information system for process management and reporting. Pack Out tracks completion of assemblies and products either to the next stage of production or shipment, while Landfall accommodates any manufacturing app that needs access to the edge of the production network. Scroll permits video, imaging and website displays to reach specific locations.

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