Pneumatic Collet Block

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The company’s “air-open, spring-to-close” 5C collet block bolts to the machine table or subplate and has the capability to hold a range of parts internally or externally.

Whether using a single collet block or a subplate of multiple collet blocks, air is required during setup to open the workholding. After the setup, the spring design holds the workpiece at a 1,800-lb optimum 5C drawbar force, without requiring the use of air. If loss of air occurs during the machining, parts remain clamped; and, concentricity is maintained without downtime or waste.

The threaded-nose design offers various gripping options. Gripping is adjustable by turning a wrench. The base design is open, allowing coolant and chips to be discharged. According to the company, this virtually eliminates the need to disassemble and clean out the unit as is the case with many closed-base designs.



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