Powdered Metal End Mills

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The company has a new line of premium, powdered metal roughing end mills for aluminum. The powdered metal substrate is designed to provie the toughness of high-speed steel and wear characteristics similar to micro-grain carbide, for slotting, pocketing and peripheral milling of aluminum. The new line is designed with geometry optimized for efficient machining of aluminum alloys. The line's chip-breaker design is said to reduce torque and horsepower requirements, and its high helix design is said to allow for evacuation of chips. Heavy axial and radial cuts can be made at elevated speeds and feeds with the end mills. The powdered metal end mills are offered in various cutting diameters (1/2-2 inches_, shank diameters (1/2-2 inches) and flut lengths (1.25-6 inches). They are available uncoated or coated with TiCN and ZrN. The end mills can be used on light- to medium-duty CNCs, as well as large gantry-type mills.

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