Pre-Synchronized Design Eliminates Roll Timing

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These Tangential thread rolling heads are pre-synchronized for efficient setup with no roll timing. Because symmetrical roller repositioning is performed with a central setting screw, and away from the rolling system, operators can expect a 75 percent reduction in setup time, says manufacturer LMT-Fette. The ten minute setup time applies to the initial setup and when the thread rolls are changed out.

The length of the rolling heads has been decreased by 20 percent to promote versatility. This means that the heads are suitable for use in CNC lathes, as well as screw machines, says the company. The models—T120F, T160F, T220F and T350F—can accommodate thread diameters ranging from 5/64" to 2", and they allow for adjustment from coarse to fine and “extra fine” pitch threads. Capable of threading 1/16" to 1" diameter NPT and NPTF pipe sizes, the heads also feature carbide shafts for increased stability and tooling life.

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