Precise Multi-Sensor Vision System

 The L. S. Starrett Company introduces the Galileo AV350 video measurement system.


The L.S. Starrett Company introduces the Galileo AV350 video measurement system. This system is an intermediate travel multi-sensor metrology instrument offering a large, square 14″ × 14″ (350 × 250 mm) X/Y work area and 8″ (200 mm) Z clearance. The Z clearance, combined with the extra rigidity, provides the necessary space for multi-sensor attachments, including vision, contact probe and laser scanning, the company says. The system is suited for manufacturers of medical components and for use in quality control labs, research and engineering environments.

The color optical system provides a zoom magnification ratio of 12:1 with a programmable magnification range from 15× to 550× (onscreen) with auxiliary lenses. A LED illuminator or triple output fiber-optic, ring light and coaxial illumination provides lighting. A quadrant-controllable, dark field, simulated LED ring light is also available.

The system’s work envelope offers a motion volume of 14.1″ × 14.1″ × 8.1″ (355 × 355 × 205 mm). Overall size of the system (including its supplied pedestal) is 40″ × 50″ × 76″ (1,010 × 1,270 × 1,930 mm), and the maximum workload is 25 lbs.

The system is equipped with Metronics Quadra-Chek QC-5000 3D metrology software featuring video edge detection and full CNC.

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