Precision Boring System For ER Collets

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The CBER boring system converts precision ER collet holders into precision boring systems. The system fits into ER20, ER25, ER32 and ER40 collet holders and uses the company’s standard CB-style insert holders and bar holders. The system is capable of boring holes as small as 0.035" in diameter to as large as 1.7" in diameter. All of the sizes have a standard 0.001"-diameter, direct-reading adjustment dial. The ER32 and ER40 sizes are also available with a 0.00005"-diameter, micro adjusting dial. All sizes are available in a standard and a short length. Additionally, the design of the boring system makes it suited for right-angle boring heads, live tooling adapters and virtually any other machine that uses the ER-style collet system, the company says.

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