Precision Diameter Measurement Tapes

The company’s precision diameter measurement tapes allow the user to measure the diameters of round and out-of-round forms. Standard tapes are engraved and acid etched on a ground surface, featuring a fixed reading that does not require periodic adjustments. The gages are available in either inches or millimeters. Tapes marked in inches read to a diameter of 0.001" with an accuracy of ±0.001" up to 144".  Tapes marked in millimeters read to 0.01 mm diameter with an accuracy of ± 0.03 mm up to 3,600 mm. 

The product line includes direct outside and inside diameter measuring tapes, go/no-go tapes, linear tapes and O-ring tapes. The company manufactures custom specialty tapes to meet the specific uses and requirements of customers, such as wide and narrow tapes, special length tapes and tapes with special markings. There are two easy-to-read styles available for low-light environments and stainless steel tapes for use in corrosive environments. The company also offers recalibration services for all its measurement products.

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