Precision Transfer Machining

The EPIC R/T is equipped with Embedded Motion Control (EMC) technology.

The EPIC R/T is equipped with Embedded Motion Control (EMC) technology. This technology features plug-and-play control architecture that is integrated into each tool spindle unit. The machine enables for fully independent and programmable functionality for each axis motion. When a tool spindle is moved from one location on the machine to another, the only change needed is to program the unit’s strokes, the company says. Programming of the unit can be done offline and downloaded from a remote location or the units can be programmed at the machine.
According to the company, the machine is equipped with full CNC programmability, quick change-overs (1-3 hours), competitive manufacturing of small, medium and large production quantities, centralized programming and integrated modem connections for problem solving.
Each station features modular tool spindle units to provide maximum interchangeability for retooling, and adapted vertical flanges can be added for cross-drilling, milling and other vertical machining operations. A quick-change modular toolhead system speeds the setup process and the replacement of worn tooling. An inverting station repositions the workpiece end to complete the machining process. The cutoff configuration on the machine produces short remnants, providing material savings, the company says.

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