Presetting Solution For Precision Machining

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Command Tooling says its Digiset 6 presetter provides increased productivity and streamlined setups for precision machining. Featuring a control system and software that are designed for ease of use, the presetter prolongs tool live while improving tool performance, part quality and accuracy, the company says. Its digital-camera imaging shows measuring results on a color display.


Operators can manage as many as 1,000 tools simultaneously and use programs to perform axial and radial runout inspection, cutting-edge inspection, zero-point monitoring and measurement of multi-bladed tools. Other features include pneumatic indexing, memory for 99 zero points, adjustable lighting and a memory stick.


The presetter is available in two models: the model 400, which has a measuring range of 15.75" × 15.75" (400 × 400 mm), and the model 600, which has a measuring range of 15.75" × 23.62" (400 × 600 mm).  

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