Prevent Collet Distortion With Custom Coating

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Designed to accommodate a range of machining tasks, the Flexible Collet system from Techniks, Inc. consists of a precision ER toolholder that is equipped with a “power coat” nut.


In addition to preventing collet head distortion that can result because of high torque, the coated nut is said to improve TIR, extend carbide tooling life and permit light milling operations. To maximize results, the company recommends that operators always tighten the nut to the proper torque using a torque wrench with a tightening stand, as over-tightening the nut can damage both the collet and the collet pocket.


The company offers collets that are suitable for drilling, milling, coolant through and high speed machining applications. Also available are Dead Nuts Accurate (DNA) collets, which are designed for use with drills measuring 6 mm and smaller.





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