Produce Burr-Free Parts Without Separate Deburring Stage

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Trumpf offers two tools for producing sheet metal parts that come out of the punching machine virtually burr-free. The rolling deburring tool and the deburring MultiTool eliminate the need for a separate, manual deburring stage and reduce throughput times for coated sheets and formed parts, the company says. Both tools displace burrs by chamfering about 0.004" of sharp edges on the underside of the part. 


The roller deburring tool uses a specially formed embossing roll for long edges and contours with radii larger than 0.8". Used with the MultiShear, a tool for punching outer and inner contours without overlap marks, the deburring tool can produce quality edges while maintaining speeds as fast as 1,600 ipm. The three-way deburring MultiTool is designed for smaller radii, intricate geometries and corners in a single stroke or in nibble mode. Controlled by the TruTops Punch programming system, both tools can punch steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets as thick as 0.10". 

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