Produce Internal Threads Inside Titanium Support Rods

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Emuge Corporation’s Shur-Thread series of solid carbide thread mills cuts as deep as twice the diameter and produces threads for applications 1" and less in a range of soft and pre-hardened steels to 58 Rc, including stainless steels, aluminum, cast iron, titanium, Inconel and difficult-to-machine exotics. The thread mills are used in such medical applications as producing internal threads inside titanium rods that add support while bones heal, and creating molds for orthopedic replacement parts.


Featuring micro-grain carbide and TiCN-coated for longer tool life, the thread mills are engineered with multiple spiral flutes to reduce chatter. In addition, a cutter diameter with high profile correction provides true-to-gage threads, while an extended milling portion allows for cuts as long as twice the diameter. An enlarged flute space provides chip evacuation. The end mill-type shank with clamping flat allows for secure tool holding.



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