Profile Grinding Center

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The FMG1632CNC’s fixed table and traveling column design allows it to be loaded with workpieces up to 3,326 lbs and grind passes as wide as 6" while maintaining a grinding accuracy and repeatability of 0.0001", the company says. To reduce non-grinding time, an optional continuous wheel dressing system with automatic compensation during the grinding cycle is available. An automatic coolant nozzle that adjusts to match grinding wheel wear is also available. Power is generated by a 25-hp motor that peaks at 6,000 rpm. A 15,000-rpm motor is available as an option. A servomotor powers the feed mechanism. XYZ travel is 984",150" and 157" respectively while rapid feed rates are 1,056 ipm for the X axis, 156 ipm for the Y axis and 150 ipm for the Z axis. This three-axis profile grinding center can be configured for vertical or horizontal spindles. Its modular design and small space requirement give it more flexibility to fit in a machining cell, the company says. The base features a Meehanite cast iron frame with thick walls reinforced with ribs for rigidity. The 2.5" diameter, dual-pitch ballscrew is pre-tensioned to reduce heat buildup. According to the company, ballscrew double anchors in the middle of the saddle, extra spindle bearing support (6 in front, 4 in the rear) plus linear guideways in the X, Y and Z axes contribute to the machine’s axis positioning accuracy and repeatability. Slideways are hand scraped and coated with Turcite-B. Way surfaces are oiled by an automatic lubrication system. For CNC operation, the machine uses a Fanuc control with advanced diagnostic systems. The machine weighs approximately 24,274 lbs and occupies 149" by 157" of floor space.

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