Profile Measuring Machine For Precision Turned Parts

New Product From: 4/15/2004 Modern Machine Shop

The Tesascan 50 is an automatic, non-contact measuring machine designed for checking length, angle, radii and threads on precision turned components. It has a measuring capacity of 50 mm (1.9") diameter and 275 mm (10.8") length and a maximum component weight of 4 kg (4.4 lbs). Its video processing system can take measurement data from the part at 12,000 points/second. At this rate, every external dimension of a typical turned part with 30 features to measure takes about 10 seconds, the company says. Like other machines in the series, this new model uses the company’s proprietary Pro-Measure software. Pro-Composer, one of the software modules, uses a graphic representation of the part to aid part programming. A library of measurement icons is available for classic round part features such as diameters, lengths, angles, radii, points of intersection, concentricity, ovality and parallel, tapered and worm threads. These machines can be networked or interfaced into existing shopfloor data collection systems. Measurement results can be displayed in a variety of formats and analyzed through real-time SPC software options. This series of profile measuring machines covers a range of component sizes up to 180 mm in diameter and 900 mm in length.

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