Program Brings New Levels Of Machining Efficiency

The company has introduced “Smart Machining," a new approach to high speed machining that is designed to improve process reliability, optimize machining performance and allow reliable, unmanned operation.

The program includes various machine modules such as an advanced process system for monitoring and recording spindle vibrations, a thermal control system to automatically compensate for thermal deviations and an operator support system for optimizing the machining process according to workpiece requirements.

Sensors, integrated with the spindles of the company’s high speed machining centers, in addition to software and trackball control, permit operators to obtain subtle, extensive degrees of machining control. Communication is also enhanced with a remote notification system, allowing realtime control/access at any location.

Intelligent Thermal Control, a key function of Smart Machining, automatically compensates for thermal deviation when machining, so the operator only needs to concentrate on the specific requirements of the workpiece. This saves 15 to 30 minutes as pre-heated cycles are eliminated.

Another key Smart Machining component is an Advanced Process System, which features a built-in vibration sensor in a diagnostic spindle module. The sensor measures vibration levels at the bearings during the milling process and the diagnostic module records the information, which can also be displayed on the CNC control monitor. Vibration limit values can be preset, issuing either warnings or shutdown during machining when levels are exceeded, preventing damage to the machine and workpiece. This monitoring process is said to also increase tool and spindle life, reduce downtime and improve cycle time savings. Workpiece quality is also improved because surface chatter marks are eliminated, especially on inner radii.

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