Protective Wrap Prevents Corrosion, Deterioration

Originally developed by Bell Laboratories, Intercept SPS protective wrap from Birchwood Casey is designed to protect metal components from corrosion and deterioration during shipment and long-term storage. The material neutralizes and removes corrosive elements in the air around the product to protect it for extended periods. Because the wrap has no chemical content and is non-hazardous, it produces no fumes and poses no danger of worker sensitivity or allergic reactions, the company says. The material consists of a high-density polyethylene film infused with metallic copper particles and activated carbon. These materials actively neutralize and absorb corrosive materials inside the wrap through sacrificial galvanic action and absorption. In addition, these materials are natural biocides that kill acid-producing bacteria, mold or fungi. Useful for products ranging from engine blocks and military hardware to precision tools and machine components, the wrap has a storage life of 20-plus years, the company says.

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