Redesigned Tool Provides More Stable Drilling

The TungSix-drill from Tungaloy Corporation will be on display at IMTS 2012. It is designed to enhance stability, increase tool life and provide reliable machining with a strong cutting edge.

New Product From: 8/1/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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The TungSix-drill from Tungaloy Corporation is designed to enhance stability, increase tool life and provide reliable machining with a strong cutting edge. The indexable drill with double-sided inserts is said to provide an economical drilling solution for users with six true cutting edges per insert.
By adapting an obtuse angle relief on the corner part of central-edge side, the insert increases strength and improves fracture resistance. Spacing between the edges on the same side has been optimized to eliminate overlapping damaged edges that can destabilize tool life, the company says. The drill utilizes Tungaloy's DJ-type chipbreaker, which features a thick width and gentle curve on the central-edge side to prevent chip packing, the company says. The high rake angle and breaker on the peripheral-edge side lower cutting forces and help control chips.
With a 1.125"- to 2.000"-increment diameter range, the drill is designed for a variety of materials and applications. According to the company, the drill increases tool life by 1.5 times compared to inserts with four cutting edges and delivers comparable speed and feed rates. The central and peripheral inserts are interchangeable to ensure that the user has to manage only one insert type to simplify inventory, the company says.
The drill features an optimized cutting balance between the central and peripheral cutting edges, and combines twisted oil holes and Tungaloy's AH9030 grade to make it well-suited drill steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The AH9030 grade with PVD coating increases tool life and provides wear and oxidation resistance. It also features the company’s PremiumTec surface technology to reduce chip adhesion and promote smooth chip flow.
The drill is available for machining at a length-to-diameter ratio of 2 and 3 with shank diameters measuring 1.250" and 1.500". The drill is capable of machining carbon steels, low alloy steels, alloy steels, stainless steel, grey and ductile cast iron at high speed and feed rates. To further improve productivity, the drill is compatible with Tungaloy's TDXCF series of chamfer rings. 

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