Reduce Cycle Times, Tool Load, Vibration And Chatter

A CAD/CAM solution for two-axis to five-axis milling, Sescoi’s WorkNC can convert three-axis tool paths into simultaneous five-axis tool paths. Integrated into the software, NCspeed can further optimize NC code and reduce cycle times by as much as 20 percent, the company says. Developed by Formtec, NCspeed works directly on the postprocessed NC data for three- and five-axis tool paths and is launched from inside the CAD/CAM software. It uses volumetric simulation to calculate the amount of material being cut at any given time, and it increases or decreases the feed rate according to cutting conditions. According to the company, NCspeed is useful for reducing the likelihood that small-diameter tools will break. In addition, it can minimize tool load, cutter deflection and chatter in applications using long, thin cutters, the company says. Optimization routines check for and remove feed movements if the cutter is out of the material. In addition, these routines are capable of reducing toolpath length to optimize rapid movements while simultaneously checking for collisions.

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