Reduce Cycle Times With Laser Cutters

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Available from Prima North America, the Rapido Evoluzione 3D laser cutting system features high speed axis drives and high speed heads to reduce cycle times. The axis drives feature acceleration of 4G, while the direct-drive head prevents backlash and requires no gears or kinematics.


The laser cutter features a work volume of 160" × 60" × 30" (4,080 × 1,530 × 765 mm). The system’s ergonomic cabin is designed to provide accessibility to the workpiece and programming. The cabin fully encloses the machine and work area, including its ceiling, for increased safety and optimal fume and dust evacuation.


The system is equipped with Focal Position Control (FPC) functionality. In addition to providing quality, uniform cuts, this feature eliminates setup changes when alternating material types and thicknesses, the company says. Other features include a breakaway head that can be restored after a crash; a Safe Impact Protection System (SIPS) that protects the head, nozzle or sensor from damage; and a laser piercing monitor (LPS), which analyzes reflected light to determine parameters to use for piercing.   

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