Reduced Login Time, Auto-Fill Functions Increase Productivity

As an update to its shopfloor manufacturing software, Exact Software offers JobBoss version 10.1, which features usability and product enhancements designed to increase productivity. These enhancements include simplified logins and enhanced lookups in the Workstation Driver to reduce employee login time and increase overall productivity, the company says. Also, an auto-fill function in the software’s ShopView is said to reduce time spent looking for specific information. The software also highlights which fields are required and editable within the system, reducing data-entry time and improving accuracy. Enhancements have also been made to material planning, request for quote (RFQ), job status, part history and time/attendance reports.


The software also contains new functionalities. Change-history functionality allows users to audit changes made to jobs. New ShopView functionalities include a timestamp for notes and customer contacts with e-mail hyperlinks. Customers can also choose to filter fields. The software’s check-printing format (US or Canadian) is user-defined by banks.

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