Reducing Production Costs While Improving Part Quality

The IXM-50 edge honing system from Conicity Technologies, LLC is designed to provide accurate edge preparations on cutting tool materials and geometries, including threading and grooving Tools; milling inserts; form tools; and symmetric geometries like diamonds, squares and triangles. Because of its small size and flexibility, according to the company, the system can reduce production costs, improve part quality and shorten lead times.


A key feature of the system is its ability to intentionally produce edge hones of varying sizes on separate edges of the same tool. Potential applications for variable edge preparation are grooving tools, thread chasers and other tools with which the chip load changes substantially along the cutting edge.


To uniformly apply a 0.0005" hone on all of a tool’s cutting edges, the process parameters must be controlled to such a degree that material removal automatically stops when the desired hone size is achieved. This is accomplished by the software inherent in the system’s CNC control, which manages the critical process variables.