Removable Atmosphere Muffle Furnaces

Lucifer Furnaces’ line of removable atmosphere muffle furnaces provides versatility in heat treating and cooling under protective atmosphere.

By employing a cart-mounted portable retort that can be easily rolled in and out of the furnace chamber, the furnaces offer production and energy efficiency. Using a spare retort/assembly cart, customers can heat treat one workload while another workload is cooling outside the furnace. This allows almost continuous heat treating.

Another energy-saving feature is the gasket plug door, which provides a gas-tight seal. “Quick disconnect” flexible atmosphere lines speed removal of the retort from the chamber and a double-pivot holding door seals the furnace chamber when the muffle is removed. In addition, the holding door permits heat treating without the retort in an air atmosphere.

Designed for operation up to 2,0500F, the furnaces are manufactured in eight chamber sizes from 5" × 5" × 12" to 10" × 10" × 36" and are available in single- and dual-chamber modes. Options include thermocouples and pyrometers for the muffle to permit continuous monitoring of the workload temperature even after the muffle has been removed.

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