Retrofittable System For Automating Press Brakes

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RIBS, the Robotically Integrated Bending Solution, is a retrofittable system that brings a robot into coordinated motion with any brand of CNC hydraulic press brake. With RIBS, users don't have to replace all of their equipment in order to update and automated the sheet metal bending processes.

RIBS also features offline programming of the entire process, which reduces downtime. The system uses standard CAD files of the user’s parts, offering process verification through a virtual 3D interface and providing full utilization of the press brake. The system’s SimulEasy software allows the user to program an entire bend sequence offline and then upload the program into both the press brake and robot. With only a few minutes of setup, the RIBS robot will follow pieces through bends to avoid back-bending and maintain consistent bend angles. The SimulEasy program also assists in tooling selection, robot gripper design, re-grip coordination and cell layout, as well as checking clearances and ordering bend sequences.

Worker safety is another advantage of the automated press brake system, the company says, with users potentially benefiting from reduced repetitive motion and lifting strain injuries and reduced costs in workman’s compensation insurance.