Rhombic Insert With Helical Cutting Edge

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Iscar Metals, Inc. now offers an 80-degree rhombic insert for turning applications. The Heliturn Lay Down (LD) family of tools provides many of the benefits of the company’s original Heliturn Tangential (TG) series. Also available is the CNMX 45..-HTW series of inserts featuring a positive radial, helical cutting edge and positive rake angle for promoting reduced cutting forces and increased metal removal rates.


A subsequent finishing operation is often not necessary when using these new rhombic inserts, says the company. The wiper geometry of the insert’s corner is said to produce favorable surface finishes, even at high rates. Designed with heavy machining applications in mind, these inserts feature an 88-degree corner. The inserts can also be mounted into the company’s standard R-Clamp toolholder without necessitating a TCH 4 seat.


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