Rigid, Accurate Five-Axis Machining

The MU-500VA-L five-axis VMC with Thinc-OSP control features spindle speeds to 35,000 rpm and XYZ feed rates of 1,260 ipm. According to the company, the machine’s trunnion construction provides high positioning accuracy with ±1 arcsecond repeatability in the A and C axes. Additionally, the standard Hi-G control function is said to reduce both positioning time and non-cutting time.   With load capacity of 1,100 lbs, the machine’s rigidity and simultaneous five-axis capabilities make it useful for precision-crafted components such as artificial joints, complex valves, rock bits, flangers, impellers and more, the company says. The direct-drive, C-axis motor enables turning to 1,000 rpm and a lathe function to 12,000 rpm. Thermo-Friendly construction provides 1-µ compensation, while the company’s Abso-Scale system is said to contribute to accurate positioning.

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