Rigid, Single-Spindle Turning Center

Based on the company’s DECO a-line machines, the new EvoDECO line offers high rigidity and powerful spindles.

New Product From: 8/11/2010 Modern Machine Shop

Based on the company’s DECO a-line machines, the new EvoDECO line offers high rigidity and powerful spindles. Fully synchronous drives have significant acc/dec capabilities to reduce cycle times for parts that require a lot of stopping. The versatile, affordable machines work with or without a guide bush. The new machine line includes EvoDECO 16a and 16e models that accept bar stock from 2 to 16mm in diameter. Ten axes plus two C axes on the 16a (or eight/two on the 16e) are managed simultaneously with perfect interpolarity between axes, the company says. Four independent tool systems on the 16a (three on the 16e) allow simultaneous bar and secondary operation work. 
Key to the EvoDECO’s success is its “new powered spindle technology” that provides identical front and counter spindles with an increase in power and torque, and leads to a reduction in downtime due to stoppage, indexing and acc/dec. In fact, the EvoDECO machines can go from 0 to 8,000 rpm in milliseconds. The new spindle technology, with rotational speeds of 12,000 rpm on the main and counter spindles, also eliminates noise and reduces maintenance. 
Standard equipment on the EvoDECO includes an integrated chiller unit; rotating guide bush and tool motors; C1 plus C4 axes; interpolation in polar coordinates; clamping force fine adjustment; pneumatic workpiece ejector; and collet cleaning with oil. Other standard items include an automatic centralized lubrication cycle; cooling pump with self-cleaning filter; timer for preheating cutting oil; feeder and connecting tube interface; and TB-DECO + ADV programming software on a Fanuc 16i TB control. 

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