Robot Accommodates 1,000-kg Payload

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The KR 1000 Titan is an industrial robot that can lift a payload of 1,000 kg with a reach of 4,000 mm. It is suited for the handling of heavy, large or bulky workpieces in sectors such as the building materials, automotive and foundry industries.  It can also accommodate large castings or meter-thick panes of glass. The robot comes with nine motors installed. In axes one and three, two motors feed into a single gear unit. Axis two is also powered by two motors, each with its own gear unit. The robot can withstand a static torque of 60,000 Nm, and it has a work envelope of 78 m3.   According to the company, the robot features modular construction, user-friendly design and intuitive control. It has a weight-to-payload ratio of less than 5, and with corresponding mounting plates, it can be transported in a standard container and installed in virtually any industrial production shop.