Robotic Welding Workcell

The compact ArcWorld C-500 workcell features a Motoman “Expert Arc” welding robot partially enclosed by a special cylindrical safety enclosure that is integrated with the robot. This configuration allows the welding robot to access parts through the opening in the front of the enclosure, while enabling the operator to work safely in close proximity to the robot.

Designed to optimize arc welding, application-specific Motoman “Expert Arc” welding models feature integrated through-the-arm torch cabling which allows access into tight spaces, eliminates cable interference, simplifies programming and reduces cable wear. The latest entry in the Expert Arc family is the SSA2000, which features motion control technology said to increase the motion speed of the robot. The SSA2000 is said to reduce welding time and enhance productivity. The SSA2000 has a 3-kg payload, 1,390-mm reach and ±0.08-mm repeatability.

Two headstock positioners with 110-mm diameter through-holes for tooling connections are integrated into the robot riser, minimizing the machine’s footprint. Positioners are available with 300-, 600- or 900-kg payloads. Additional servo positioners can be added to provide multi-axis tilt/rotate or skyhook units. Bearings are reinforced to support overhung loads, so tailstocks are not necessary. The workcell accommodates parts/tooling with a span of 1 m and a diameter of 1.1 m.

The C-500 workcell features high speed powered roll-up doors to safeguard the operator from the robot station during welding. These doors are activated by a single-start button. Cycle times are reduced because the robot can move immediately to the next station without waiting for a positioner to index.