Rotary Indexer Has Customized Sealing System

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HPI-Yukiwa has designed the JNC140-EDM CNC rotary table indexer with a customized sealing system that is said to be adaptable and suitable for use in submersible applications with EDM dielectric fluids. The sealing system is combined with an “Auto Air” purging system, which can remove condensation accumulation inside the indexer housing, virtually eliminating many of the problems associated with faulty electrical components.


Weighing 27 kg, the indexer has a stainless steel face plate with a diameter of 140 mm and a center height of 110 mm. The table center through-hole diameter is 28 mm, and the maximum work diameter is 140 mm. When mounted vertically, a 136-lb workload can be accommodated. Likewise, a 275-lb workload can be accommodated, when mounted horizontally.


Additional features include an indexing accuracy of ± 20 seconds; a “quick access” service panel; plug-in diagnostics; and an Oldham coupling system. The unit is also available with an electroless nickel surface coating to promote corrosion resistance.


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