Rotary Table Useful For Complex Machining

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Haas says installing its HRT210SC high-precision rotary table on a VMC is an alternative to acquiring a multi-axis machine. According to the company, the table is easy to install and offers many of the benefits of an HMC. Using an integral Renishaw Signum Resr low-profile, non-contact angle encoder with dual read-heads, the table provides accuracy of ±6.5 arcseconds and repeatability of 4 arcseconds. To keep cycle times short, it indexes as fast as 75 degrees per second. According to the company, the rotary table is useful for complex machining operations, including double-end machining of parts in a single setup; multi-face milling and drilling; angular milling; and more. The table uses an aluminum-bronze worm gear meshed with a hardened steel alloy worm. The worm housings are slightly asymmetrical to prevent backlash for reversals. Because the table uses a worm gear, it is capable of infinite positioning as well as synchronized rotary cutting. The brushless servomotor supplies 210 foot-pounds of spindle torque, while the 8.27" T-slot platter offers 200 foot-pounds of brake torque. Platter center height is 6" with a 2"-diameter through hole. The platter has six radial T-slots for fixture and workpiece mounting. With dimensions of 12.4" × 18.4" × 8.8", the table fits a range of CNC machines.