Safety Catcher For Hydraulic Presses

The Sitema safety catcher can address accident prevention rules that require hydraulic presses above a certain size to be equipped with a special safety device to prevent the slide from lowering due to hydraulic failure in a power-off situation. An alternative to locking bolts or latches, the Sitema safety catcher secures the load of the slide directly to the shaft, with an infinitely variable connection and without a ratchet.

With the Sitema unit, the load is supported by a non-positive connection directly on the cylinder rod or on a separate holding shaft. The damping system is held open by hydraulic or pneumatic means. When pressure drops, the load is immediately secured. The energy of the falling or sinking load itself generates the damping force, and this happens only if the load starts to move downward from the secured position. In such a case, the load is securely stopped after falling just a few millimeters with help of the self-intensifying clamping movement.

Braking operations from any press speed are no problem, the company says. Usually a deceleration of 1 to 3 times gravity is achieved. The resulting braking distance is not more than a few centimeters.


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