Safety Interlocks Help Guard Machine Tools and Automation

Tapeswitch Corp supplies trapped key interlocks for power isolation and access safety.

New Product Announcements From: 7/10/2012 Modern Machine Shop

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Tapeswitch Corp supplies trapped key interlocks for power isolation and access safety. These interlocks achieve the required electrical safety for machine tools, automated machining cells and other types of machinery, by ensuring machine guarding safety procedures for integrated machine and process safety. The electromechanical technology of trapped key interlocks help guarantee the safe operation of plant machinery by ensuring a predetermined sequence of events. They are suitable for applications where isolating energy sources is required prior to gaining access to machines, equipment or other hazards.  

The trapped key interlock product line provides solutions for both power interlocking and control circuit interlocking, machinery with different power sources, even pneumatic and hydraulic, machinery with fixed or variable run-down times and harsh environments. They provide full-body access, meaning a person can’t be locked in access areas if the gate is shut because the machine’s key is needed to start the interlocking process. They are also appropriate in robot cells, where access must be restricted to the end of a production cycle.


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