Sealed Chucks Reduce Maintenance

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The AP and NT Series lathe chucks feature sealed bodies. With all internal components sealed and operating in a grease bath, clamping force is constant, unlike chucks requiring regular lubrication. The result is reduced maintenance, less scrap and higher productivity, according to the company.  Standard sizes range from 6.5" to 16". The chucks accommodate coolant or compressed air through the chuck body. The series features case hardened bodies for rigid and accurate workholding.

AP Series chucks are available in inch or metric styles, and in serrated or tongue-and-groove jaw configurations. Also available are a quick-jaw-change style using standard top jaws and an angled T-nut mechanism, which is said to make the chuck well-suited for use as a pick-up chuck.

NT Series chucks are available in the same configurations as the AP Series but feature a counterweight that compensates for centrifugal forces when operating at speeds of 5,500 rpm and higher.

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