Sealed, Two-Finger Parallel Gripper

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DPG-plus, a new series from Schunk Inc., is designed for the automated handling of components under extreme environmental conditions. Because of the serrated guidance and round sealings, results similar to those of the PGN-plus series can be achieved.


Seven sizes, ranging in moment capacity from 30 Nm to 160 Nm, are available. With each size, users can select two strokes and a spring for additional grip force or a safety device for OD and ID gripping (a total of 42 standard units from which to choose). According to the company, the products are useful for loading and unloading machining centers that are subject to coolant conditions and metal chips.


The pneumatic actuation results from an oval piston that transfers the actuation to the jaws via a wedge hook system; thereby, a higher grip force than a round piston is said to be generated.



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