Self-Centering Vises

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Henrich Company's line of self-centering vises used on structural tubing requires no other adjustment once the vise is centered on the machine table. Each tube is clamped into the same centerline position. Tubing size can be changed using the same setup with virtually no downtime, according to the company.


The self-centering line offers three models with jaw widths of 2", 6" and 8" and can handle stock sizes from as small as 1/4" up to 9". Maximum jaw openings can be adjusted with stops. A set of hardened and ground v-jaws is available with each size, and the vises are operated with double-acting piston-type air cylinders that produce from 15 times up to 33 times more power. The recommended maximum air pressure is 120 psi. The gear and rack assembly in the bottom of each unit moves the jaws together within an accuracy of ± .001".


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