Semi-Automated Sequences And Contour Evaluation

The MarSurf  XCR 20 from Mahr Federal combines two measuring systems into one, enabling roughness and contour measurements to be taken on the same unit, with the same setup. The combined measuring station incorporates drive units from the MarSurf XR 20 roughness and XC 20 contour systems.

The MarSurf GD 25 roughness drive unit (XR 20) and PCV 200 contour drive unit (XC 20) are attached via a twin mount to the same measuring stand. Users do not have to change the drive unit or probe when changing the measurement task from Roughness to Contour.

The system also allows certain operating sequences such as measuring stand positioning and drive unit positioning to be semi-automated. Using simulation modes, users can familiarize themselves with both systems, and “Teach-In” commands allow the creation of “Quick and Easy” measuring programs that can be saved and launched using programmable function keys.



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