Servo Amplifiers With Software-Based Encoder Multiplication

New Product From: 8/10/2005 Modern Machine Shop

Aerotech’s Ndrive MP is a drive option for the Automation 3200 motion system. Because it is 41 mm × 141 mm × 107 mm, the servo amplifier is capable of driving brushless, DC brush-type servomotors and stepper motors, the company says. It can also perform both current loop and servo-loop closure to achieve positioning and stability.


According to the company, these products can perform complex calculations in real-time because they are built on DSPs. This processing capability allows the servo amplifiers to sample the digital current loop and servo loop at a rate of 20 kHz. In addition, digital and analog I/O and encoder multiplication can be performed.


Standard options include brake relay, additional I/O and separate logic supply inputs for operation during an E-Stop condition. Any combination of Ndrive MP amplifiers can be used on the FireWire network to allow the user to customize the system as needed.




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