Seven-Axis Swiss-Type Lathe Offers Speed

Available in three models, the Cincom L-720 is equipped with the Mitsubishi 700 control and full servo axes to enable fast machining operations and reduce (non-cutting) idle time by as much as 40 percent, when compared to that of earlier L-20 models.  


According to manufacturer Marubeni Citizen-Cincom Inc., the mathematical processing capability of the Mitsubishi control, combined with the machine’s mechanical enhancements, offers quick, smooth parts manufacturing. An added feature of the control is the TFT color LCD screen. The monitor can sharpen an image during a specific machining operation of a part to allow operator visibility. 

Two independent tool posts can move simultaneously, a capability that can potentially decrease idle time. For example, one tool post does not need to return to a home position before the other post begins its next task. The company says this allows the second tool post to start the next process, overlapping the movement of the first post.


At 32 meters per minute, the main spindle accelerates and decelerates at speeds unattainable with the company’s earlier models. This quickness can be attributed to a 1” diameter ballscrew with an 8-mm pitch, according to the company.


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