Shop Floor And General Purpose Industrial Cleaning

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Milacron’s Cimcool offers Cimclean Green production cleaners for use on the shop floor and in other demanding industrial environments. The cleaners are designed to remove residue such as oil, soot, dirt and debris from hard surfaces. According to the company, the concentrated formula saves costs because only a small amount is necessary to sanitize the work environment.


Two formulations are available, and neither contains hazardous solvents, the company says. Cimclean Green GPC is a water-based, alkaline floor cleaner suitable for use with automatic floor scrubbers and with either hard or soft water. Controlled foaming provides enhanced detergency and emulsification in floor scrubbing and mopping, the company says.


Cimclean GP-SW84 is an industrial-strength, spray-and-wipe cleaner for wipe-down applications. The water-soluble formula does not need to be diluted. It can be applied with floor scrubbers, spray bottles and other mopping and brushing methods.   

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