Shrink-Fit Toolholder Unit

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Designed from the ground up, the ISG 3200 is said to have a large work surface that allows cooling of four different toolholders while a fifth is being heated. Operation of the unit is menu-assisted through the control panel that features a graphic display where all shrinking parameters are displayed simultaneously. The processor is integrated into the table-top unit and not only controls the power and duration of the heating, but also enables special geometry data for other types of chucks to be stored, the company says.

To operate the unit, the toolholder is placed in a special heat sink receiver and positioned in the locating slot on the work surface. The tool diameter range is then selected, a start button is engaged and the induction coil automatically moves down over the toolholder nose, heats it, and then moves back to home position. Heating time can vary from 5 to 10 seconds depending on toolholder diameter.

After heating, the toolholder and receiver are moved by the operator over one of the four cooling fan positions. A matching heat sink cover is then placed over the toolholder nose, and the unit is moved over one of the cooling fan positions where a sensor automatically detects part presence, starts the cooling fan and shuts it off when the appropriate cooling temperature is reached.

The ISG 3200 can shrink-fit HSS tools from 1/4" to 2" and carbide tools as small as 1/8" diameter, the company says. The shrink-fit machine weighs 160 lbs and measures 23" wide × 23" deep × 40" high including heating coil column. Electric current supply to the machine is a three-phase 400 V, 16 amp power supply unit producing up to l0 kW of power.